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  • How are my envelopes addressed?
    Letter Perfect Designs uses the highest quality printers using a wet ink process or laser, depending on envelope type. Addresses are printed directly on to your envelopes, not on labels, thereby creating the "by hand" look desired today.
  • How does your addressing service work?
    You simply browse the fonts, make a selection, email us your guest list with contact information, and send your envelopes to us. We will prepare your list for printing, address your envelopes and ship them back to you for assembly and mailing.
  • What happens if I find mistakes on my envelopes when I receive them?
    If the mistake is our error, you will not be charged for correcting the mistake. If there are errors or additions made outside of our services, a $10.00 setup fee will be charged in addition to the standard printing fees.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the way my envelopes turned out?
    We take pride in every envelope printed here and treat each set with care and quality that comes from over 25 years of experience. However, we understand there will be times when things don't go as planned. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your printed envelopes, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving them. Upon further discussion we find that in the rare case we did not meet your expectations, we will reprint your envelopes. Please note that since this a service that can not be returned, refunds will not be given under any circumstances.
  • My envelopes are thick and/or lined - will you be able to print on them?
    We can print on most lined or thick envelopes most of the time. However, there is usually a much higher error rate with thick envelopes due to smears and jams in the printer. If you plan on using our services, please order at least 25 extra envelopes if they are thick.
  • What about dark envelopes?
    The inks we use are translucent and don't transfer well on dark envelopes. We are unable to print on black, dark brown, or navy envelopes. If your envelopes fall outside of this spectrum and you have questions or concerns about whether your envelopes fit this qualification, please email us.
  • Do you print in a raised ink (thermography)?
    We do not have the capability to print raised type.
  • Can I choose any font you have listed for addressing of my envelopes?
    Most fonts listed on the site work with all envelopes. However, we have found that on smaller envelopes, some of the very script-y fonts just don't look good. The small point size creates letters that get to close together and are very hard to read. If you choose a font and we feel it just won't look good on your particular envelopes, we will let you know and help you choose another font. The impression you want to send with your invitations is very important. And that means the first thing your guests' see is going to be the address on the envelope. Choosing a font that matches with your invitation is always a great place to start.
  • I have special envelopes, can you print on them?
    We are able to print on most kinds of paper types, including pearlized and metallic. On these types of papers however, the ink sits on top of the paper and is not absorbed, creating susceptibility to smearing if they come in contact with a considerable amount of moisture. We don't have a problem addressing these, and have done hundreds of print orders on coated envelopes without any problems. Items we CAN NOT print on: Black, Navy, Dark Brown or any other similar dark color Mexican stationery - they tend not to be well glued and fall apart Indian or Middle Eastern-made envelopes - the thickness makes them impossible to go through a printer. Handmade paper or any other roughly textured paper
  • Can I have my envelopes shipped directly to you from the stationery company?
    Yes. However, please keep a couple of things in mind. 1). Please have the printing company mark the customer's name somewhere on or in the box. When we receive multiple shipments from different clients; we want to make sure that we print the correct names on the right set of envelopes. 2). We DO NOT check your envelopes. If there is an error on the return address or color of the liner, etc. we would never know, and you wouldn't find out until the completed envelopes, calligraphy and all, got back to you. If either one of these is a concern for you, we suggest you have the envelopes shipped to you first, check them over, and then ship them to us.
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